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Enabling Meaningful Engagement with the Arts

Our institutional team works with private banks, family offices and wealth management firms as an additional tool to their client-centric strategy.


HNWIs and UHNWIs and their families are increasingly turning to their trusted financial partner for advice and guidance on their philanthropy and passion assets, including art collecting. 


However, not every institution is equipped with the knowledge, time, or resources that are needed to offer a comprehensive service.


Whether you have an existing in-house art department, a philanthropy advisory team, or no dedicated resources yet, we can help you fill the gaps and meet the needs and expectations of your art-enthusiast clients, from meaningful give-back strategy to meticulous execution.


And because we know that relationship building is at the heart of your approach, we can also help you entertain and retain clients through exclusive art experiences.


Based on your clients’ specific needs, the services we provide could include support with:


--  Building, expanding and managing collections

--  Providing transaction support and market intelligence

--  Loans and exhibition liaison

--  Sourcing art experts and service providers


--  Help finding projects to support

--  Advice on joining institutional boards and trusteeships

--  Due diligence and research on charities and causes

--  Support building foundations, museums, and art residencies


* We do not charge commissions when buying and selling art for our clients. All our work is done with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

Please contact us to learn more about and to discuss a tailored offer that meets your unique expectations.

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