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Elevating Brand Values and Corporate Responsibility

As luxury consumers become increasingly culturally-conscious, they expect greater exclusivity and intellectual stimulation to connect more deeply with the brands they love. They also expect them to share their values.


We work with luxury-focused brands across multiple sectors, from high-end retail and hospitality to private aviation, providing them with an additional tool to enhance their client development and retention strategies.


We help your brand build growth and loyalty by meaningfully engaging with arts and culture, from building a collection to setting up a foundation to offering your VIP clients money-can’t-buy experiences.


Based on your specific needs, the services we provide could include:


--  Capsule collections

--  Visual merchandising

--  Cultural programming and in-house exhibitions


--  Building, expanding and managing collections

--  Transaction support and market intelligence

--  Sourcing art experts and service providers


--  Finding projects to support through corporate sponsorship

--  Due diligence and research on charities and causes

--  Building foundations, cultural spaces, and art residencies


* We do not charge commissions when buying and selling art for our clients. 

Please contact us to learn more about and to discuss a tailored offer that meets your unique expectations.

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