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Building Respected Forces for Good in the Art World

Whether you are an aspiring collector taking your first steps in the art world, or a long-time supporter looking to take your philanthropy to the next level, we will be by your side to make sure your journey is enjoyable, thoughtful and effective.


As part of our work together, we give you access to privileged experiences curated for you to discover, engage with and build meaningful relationships in the arts.


Based on your specific needs, the services we provide could include:


--  Building, expanding and managing your collection

--  Providing transaction support and market intelligence

--  Loans and exhibition liaison

--  Sourcing art experts and providers


--  Due diligence and research on artists and organizations

--  Strategies for patronage and broader art world engagement

--  Advice on institutional Boards or Trusteeships

--  Establishing foundations, private museums, and residencies


* We do not charge commissions when buying and selling art for our clients. 

Please contact us to learn more about and to discuss a tailored offer that meets your unique expectations.

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