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We founded The Twentieth after working in the arts for over two decades with museums and institutions and as independent philanthropy advisors. 


We share the conviction that engaging with the arts should be an enjoyable, thoughtful and rewarding journey. And we believe in providing unbiased and transparent guidance in an art world that can sometimes be complex to navigate.


With The Twentieth, we aim at helping individuals and corporations build authentic, meaningful, and long-lasting connections with the arts, whether through philanthropy, collecting, or both. 


We chose a name that resonated with our vision: in Hellenistic philosophy, the Twentieth is a concept that celebrates the sense of connection through culture, and the good life. And that’s what we are all about: encouraging connections with the arts whilst making an impact and, above all, enjoying the journey.


Leslie Ramos_IIbw_The Twentieth_©Juan Cuartas Rueda__Juancuartasphoto.jpg

Leslie Ramos


Leslie Ramos_IIbw_The Twentieth_©Juan Cuartas Rueda__Juancuartasphoto.jpg

Leslie Ramos is a leading specialist in philanthropy and development within the arts, having advised philanthropists, collectors, and institutions around the world for over a decade.


Her background spans roles at Royal Academy of Arts, Christie's, The Art Newspaper, Teatro La Fenice, and Peggy Guggenheim Collection.


Additionally, she serves in voluntary capacities at Delfina Foundation, Artangel and Peckham Platform, and lectures on philanthropy and museum studies. 

Aurelie Cauchy_Ibw_The Twentieth_©Juan Cuartas Rueda__Juancuartasphoto.jpg

Aurelie Cauchy is an experienced executive in the arts, with over 20 years of multifaceted experience at an international level.


She has advised the leaders of major museums including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Orsay and Pompidou on cultural diplomacy, capital campaigns, revenue diversification and brand strategy.


Based in New York, she serves at the Board of Albertine Foundation, the French Institute-Alliance française, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires.

Aurelie Cauchy

New York

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