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Empowering Institutions Through Global Impact and Financial Resilience

Arts institutions, from leading museums to small non-profits, are at the heart of the art world. We leverage our extensive expertise to ensure these entities can navigate an evolving landscape with financial resilience and innovative vision.

Whether we are helping art organizations facing a period of change or assisting in crafting innovative new museum models, our focus is ensuring these spaces are sustainable, relevant, and impactful.

Our approach is designed to provide actionable recommendations, from one-off training sessions to long-term support that can be a cost-effective supplement to your core team. We are committed to equipping you with the knowledge needed to meet your financial objectives and long-term sustainability goals.

Based on your specific needs, the services we provide could include:



--  Strategic framework

--  Business and financial planning

--  Global, regional and local positioning and outreach

--  Constituency development strategy


--  Organizational and legal structure

--  Board development and training

--  International umbrella charities and giving vehicles

--  Formation of American Friends schemes (creation of 501c3)


--  Strategic partnerships

--  Commercial activities (restaurants, shops, venue hire)

--  Brand licensing

--  International touring exhibitions and outposts


--  Capital campaign feasibility studies and management

--  Individual giving schemes (Friends, Patrons, Circles)

--  Corporate sponsorship

--  Fundraising materials (website, brochures, case for support)

--  Grants and trusts applications

--  Expansion of donor network (cultivation events program)

Please contact us to learn more about and to discuss a tailored offer that meets your unique expectations.

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