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Our consultancy division is a specialist cultural agency with expertise in development for non-profits, museums, and foundations. We help leading cultural actors develop their fundraising and development potential and engage with philanthropists and partners across the world.

Not only do we actively understand the needs of our clients, but we also like to arrange our work so that we can be there for the medium to long-term to ensure that they always get the support they need. As a result, many of our clients initially commit to short-term missions or a particular project before continuing a relationship with us as more hands-off advisors.


We understand that not every arts and cultural institution can have a large development team. Our services range from one-off training sessions to long-term support: from capital campaign feasibility studies, to creating new patron schemes or providing endowment advice, we can help you maximize your fundraising efforts.


We believe in a more circular, equitable and sustainable vision of the art world aimed at helping institutions, no matter the size, to be financially sustainable and thrive with purpose.  Our in-house expertise combined with our extensive international network is here to provide innovative solutions, from new business models and advice on revenue diversification and growth, to  international partnerships and overall business development. 


We leverage our close relationships and influence across continents to create unique and bespoke events, designed to indulge and foster long-lasting connections: from patrons trips to VIP clients events, we help you set up fertile ground for wonder, beauty and unforgettable art experiences.


We offer extensive network and matchmaking skills to help luxury brands and corporations structure their artistic initiatives and engage deeper with the arts, from cultural brand strategy to artistic collaborations and cultural programming.


We would love to hear from you and explore how we can help.

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